England’s Boxing Capital – Press Release

We uncovered the English cities and towns which are the most enthusiastic about boxing! Surprisingly, London is all the way down in 185th place!

We used Google Maps to find every boxing club in England, which came to a total of 2,577 across 700 cities and towns. Then, we used data from World Population Review to calculate each city’s boxing clubs per capita (i.e. how we divided the number of boxing clubs by the town or city’s population and multiplied that by 10,000). And that gave us this list of England’s most passionate boxing cities!

The top 10 are as follows:

City and rankingBoxing clubs per capita
1. Truro8.16
2. Durham4.81
3. Bridgwater2.91
4. Chippenham2.51
5. Bedford2.43
6. Redruth2.11
7. North Shields2.01
8. Nottingham1.9
9. Newcastle upon Tyne1.77
10. Fareham1.74