Which Sports Are Americans Picking Up in 2023?

In a nation that breathes sports, the search is still one of the main gateways to discovering a new hobby. 

This is why we’ve delved into the digital footprints of sports enthusiasts across the United States, dissecting Google Trends data to unveil the top-searched sports hobbies in America for 2023. 

From the adrenaline-fueled realms of football to the serene stretches of yoga, each entry in this list tells a tale of why Americans are not only interested in sports but are actively seeking to make them the centerpieces of their free time. Join us as we navigate through the rankings, exploring the motivations and cultural cues that propel these sports into the limelight of Google searches, reflecting the dynamic landscape of sports hobbies in the USA.

For our study, we used Google Trends to compare a list of sports hobbies in the US for 2023. 

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Top 30 Most Searched Sports Hobbies in the U.S.

Top 10 Most Searched Sports Hobbies in the U.S.

1. Football

Huddles, scrambles, and the thrill of a touchdown – it’s no wonder football topped our chart for the USA’s most googled sports hobbies. 

A quintessentially American sport, it makes sense that so many folks want to pursue it as a hobby. It also helps that college football is such an institution in U.S. sports, further driving up the interest in football as a hobby.

Another factor that helps football rank No. 1 is the fact that it’s a very hard-contact sport, and people interested in playing it would naturally be looking for places where they could train it.

2. Golf

Golf is a chill sport with a side of nature, so it’s no wonder that it also scores very highly. Hitting that perfect swing is like winning a mini championship, and the 18-hole stroll is basically a low-key workout.

Like football, golf requires a very specialized place where it can be played, so it makes sense that people would be googling for it.

3. Basketball

A game of fast breaks, three-pointers, and court-side drama, basketball is a mainstay of U.S. sports. Whether it’s at the schoolyard or an inner city basketball court, it’s a game enjoyed by many. 

With the role models of the NBA and the opportunities given by college basketball, you can clearly see why Americans would be interested in picking up basketball as a hobby.

4. Fitness

Fitness is like a menu of workouts, and you’re the chef. Lift weights, run like Forrest Gump, or dance like no one’s watching—it’s all about feeling good and looking even better.

Whether it’s weightlifting, running marathons, or crushing HIIT workouts, people are googling fitness because it’s a personal journey to a healthier life. 

Coupled with the rise of fitness influencers and the emphasis on well-being, it’s no surprise that folks are keen to incorporate fitness into their lives.

5. Soccer

Kicking a ball around is pure joy, and the camaraderie on and off the field is truly unmatched. But although soccer is the world’s sport, traditionally it hasn’t been all that popular in America.

However, its high placement in this ranking is a testament to the growing diversity in the United States. America is the land of immigrants, after all, and soccer is especially popular among its Latino population.  

Another factor that is most definitely at play here is this year’s high interest in the Women’s World Cup. The highly contested world title will have definitely inspired a lot of folks to pick up the hobby, even though they may not have considered it before.

6. Baseball

Baseball is more than a game; it’s an American institution. The crack of the bat, the smell of hot dogs, and the seventh-inning stretch – it’s a nostalgia trip every time.

Googling baseball means seeking a piece of that American pastime, from finding local teams to reliving childhood memories on the diamond. 

The reason it doesn’t score even higher is probably due to the fact that it’s less popular among younger generations like millennials, and especially Gen Z.

7. Yoga

Yoga is the zen master of workouts. Flexibility, mindfulness, and those Instagram-worthy poses – it’s the hobby that leaves you feeling cool and relaxed.

The rise of yoga influencers and the growing understanding of mental health benefits contribute to its high search volume. Whether it’s for stress relief, physical fitness, or simply looking for those likes on Instagram, yoga is a hobby that resonates with those looking for a mindful and fulfilling lifestyle.

8. Bowling

Bowling is the unsung hero of social sports, and people are searching for it for good reason. It’s not just about knocking down pins; it’s about the laughter, cosmic lights, and friendly competition. 

Its high ranking is most likely due to the abundance of bowling alleys and more people wanting a night out with friends, seeking a stress-free activity that combines skill and fun.

9. Boxing

best sparring gloves feature image

Boxing is the ultimate stress puncher. It’s not just about throwing hooks; it’s a discipline that builds confidence, one jab at a time. 

But the allure of boxing goes beyond the ring, and people are googling it for that empowering punch. In addition to being a really fun sport, boxing is one of the best cardio workouts out there, and many people who want to lose weight are interested in it. 

The recent rise in influencer boxing matches has also put the sport back into the limelight and has inspired many people to seek it out as a way of spending their free time.

10. Tennis

Tennis, with its elegant rallies and sociable nature, earns its spot in our ranking.

Googling tennis is a search for a sport that combines skill with social interaction. Whether it’s hitting the courts for a singles match or joining a doubles league, tennis offers a dynamic and accessible hobby. The influence of tennis stars, the glamour of major tournaments, and the sheer joy of a well-placed serve make it a sport worth searching for, attracting individuals looking for a balanced and enjoyable pastime.

Top 30 Most Searched Sports Hobbies in the U.S.

  1. Football
  2. Golf
  3. Basketball
  4. Fitness
  5. Soccer
  6. Baseball
  7. Yoga
  8. Bowling
  9. Boxing
  10. Tennis
  11. Hockey
  12. Swimming
  13. Marathon
  14. Gymnastics
  15. Volleyball
  16. MMA
  17. Pickleball
  18. Karate
  19. Cricket
  20. Kung Fu
  21. Rafting
  22. Pilates
  23. Skiing
  24. Kayaking
  25. Lacrosse
  26. Horse riding
  27. Salsa
  28. Paintball
  29. Squash
  30. Rugby


We compared the search volume for 32 common sports hobbies for the period of January 1st to November 30th 2023, using Google Trends. 

To ensure precision, we performed three distinct searches for each hobby: one with the suffix “near me”, another with the prefix “learn”, and a final one with the prefix “train”. 

That way, we only looked at people interested in doing the hobby, rather than people who were just generally interested in the sport.

We then averaged out the rankings of each hobby.

Given the limitations of Google Trends, which permits the comparison of only up to five topics, we used a control topic for each search. All topics were then scored relative to their respective control, ensuring a standardized scale for comparison across the board.

We strategically selected control topics with higher search volumes than the topics of interest. That way we had a consistent and reliable baseline for comparison.

If you’re interested in checking out the raw data, you can do so here.