Are Boxing Shoes Good for Running?

No, boxing shoes are not good for running.. They lack the thick padding on the soles running shoes have. They also aren’t made for rough surfaces.

Doing any kind of sport or fitness activity requires proper footwear to ensure you have good form and don’t accidentally injure yourself. Everyone from runners to boxers to cyclists has specific footwear that they need to wear to perform their chosen sport well. 

When you constantly need to replace your shoes, it can get expensive, but that doesn’t mean that your boxing shoes are suitable for running and vice versa. Key differences between these two shoes make them unsuitable for the other activity. 

Granted, no one can stop you from wearing your boxing shoes while running, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t.  

Boxing requires good cardio, so part of the training involves long-distance running. I myself have practiced martial arts for over 18 years so, with confidence I can say that boxing shoes are not good for running. Due to their design, materials, and other factors, you shouldn’t go running in your boxing shoes. 

If you need further convincing on why you shouldn’t go running in your boxing shoes, keep reading to learn all about the differences and answer once and for all: Are boxing shoes good for running? 

Boxing Shoes Vs. Running Shoes

There are several fundamental differences between running and boxing shoes. Everything from the padding material they’re made with to the design is particular to the different sports. Learning about the differences can help you better understand why you shouldn’t be running in your boxing shoes. 


Let’s start off by talking about the difference in padding between boxing and running shoes. Boxing shoes typically come with a thinner padding layer. They can get away with having a thinner layer because they’re designed to be worn indoors and indoors only. 

The thin padding is there because the primary purpose of these shoes is to give you better lateral stability and traction as you perform your footwork in the boxing ring. As for running shoes, they have a lot more padding than boxing shoes. 

Running shoes have much more padding because they help displace the high impact that runs through your feet from hitting the pavement or other terrain on your runs. It helps reduce the shocks in your legs and uses that energy to move you forward as you run. 

The longer the runs you’re going on, the more important, the thicker padding is. Running is incredibly taxing on your lower body and can negatively impact your joints without the proper cushioning. 

That said, boxing shoes lack this supportive barrier and can temporarily or permanently damage your feet, legs, and joints temporarily or permanently. If you go for a run in your boxing shoes or any other unsupportive shoes, you risk developing shin splints, spraining your ankles, or plantar fasciitis

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The support levels of boxing shoes and running shoes are quite different. Since one’s an indoor shoe and the other’s an outdoor shoe, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the support functions in the shoes are polar opposite. 

Boxing shoes have a high top that comes above the ankles. The higher top on boxing shoes is in place to support your ankles as you do your footwork in the ring. It prevents injuries from movement and allows you to be quicker on your feet. 

The proper ankle support of boxing shoes allows you to avoid spraining your ankles or getting other injuries in that area of your body. You might trip more than average if you perform the same movements in running shoes as you would when boxing.

When wearing running shoes, they’re made to support the flexibility you need when running laps or through a course. They provide arch support and a midsole cushioning that can help you avoid constant joint pain from the high impact of your feet landing on the ground repeatedly. 

The supports are different in these shoes, so you shouldn’t wear boxing shoes while running. Since they have a higher top, it doesn’t give your feet the flexibility they need nor the support on your arches and heels. 


Different shoe designers and manufacturers will use varying materials to create their boxing and running shoes. Each is a little different, but the basics behind the materials used for these two different shoes are the same. Boxing shoes always use lightweight material, while running shoes prefer a durable and rough fabric. 

Boxing shoes must be as lightweight as possible to focus on your footwork when practicing and in competition. With lightweight shoes, you’ll be quicker on your feet, and you won’t have to worry about your shoes weighing you down as you try to move. 

Most of the time, boxing shoes are made with mesh, lightweight leather, or suede material. They’re lightweight and stay tight around your feet without constricting your blood flow. The tightness and lightweight material provide you with all the protection and support you need while in the ring. 

Running shoes require durable, reliable, and rougher materials to support and protect your feet on your runs. The material can be a synthetic fabric or leather that can wrap around the specific pressure points in your feet. The material will depend on the brand, though. They’re supposed to be durable through various weather conditions and withstand the heat of the pavement. 

The key differences here are that boxing shoes are better for surface gripping power, and running shoe material is better for absorbing shock. If you were to go running in your boxing shoes, you risk burning your feet on the pavement and the shoes getting damaged on the rougher terrain. 


Did you know that your shoes during specific sports can affect your balance? Well, they can. That’s why it’s essential to wear the right shoes for the right sports. You’re more than likely running forward when you’re running, while when you’re boxing, you’re constantly bouncing around. You’ll move movements in boxing from left and right and up and down. 

Your boxing shoes will have a rubber sole that allows flexibility for indoor movements. It can improve your balance as you move around the ring and help you find your balance points easier and faster as you throw different punch combinations. 

With running, you don’t need the same type of balance you would with boxing. Most boxing shoes have a groove under the ball of your foot. The groove allows the shoe to move with your foot as it is supposed to as you’re running. 

This groove adds balance and will help decrease the pain and fatigue you’ll feel when you finish your run. If you were to go running in your boxing shoes, you wouldn’t have nearly as much balance, which can cause you to stumble, fall, and potentially injure yourself. 


Last but not least, the design of the shoes is entirely different. Running shoes prevent injuries from the repetitive motion you perform while running. The features in their design help do this by stabilizing your feet and reducing the impact on your legs and feet from constant movement. 

All the design features in running shoes are there to help you move forward, unlike boxing shoes that are there to help you move forwards, backward, side-to-side, and up and down. Running shoes have layered heels to give you additional support and a wrap that does the same. 

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As for your boxing shoes, they’re not there to use on rough surfaces. With thin soles and lightweight materials, the design is meant to allow you to move gracefully around the ring without compromising your support. 

The difference in designs makes it not a great choice to wear your boxing shoes while running. It’s a little different if you jog through an indoor space to grab something quickly, but boxing shoes are not designed to last on a run outside. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

People have questions regarding the proper footwear for various sports. Here are some questions others have asked and the answers they were seeking when Googling the questions. 

Can you wear boxing shoes outside?

Technically no one can stop you from wearing your boxing shoes outside, but you definitely shouldn’t be wearing them outside. The design of boxing shoes is specifically for indoor use inside the ride, not on the rough surfaces outside. When you wear them outside, you’re not protecting your feet as other shoes would, and it can damage your boxing shoes.

Can you wear boxing shoes for squats?

Boxing shoes aren’t made for squats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for squats when you’re in a pinch. Squats require a flat surface with no cushion so you can have the best form possible to not injure yourself. Chucks are your best bet, but if you want more ankle support, you can use a boxing shoe for this exercise. Just put them on in the gym and not outside.

Why are boxing shoes really high?

One thing you’ll notice about boxing shoes is how high they come over the ankle. Designers made them this way because it helps boxers maneuver easier while providing plenty of ankle and shin support to prevent shin splints. The extra height on the shoes helps protect them from injuries from quick movements. 

How long do boxing shoes last?

Boxing shoes, even the highest quality ones, aren’t made to last forever. For professional boxers, they’ll go through boxing shoes every few months as they train and enter the ring. For amateur boxers, you’ll probably have boxing shoes that last anywhere from eight to 12 months. This can be lower if you have a lower-quality boxing shoe, though. 

How long do running shoes last?

Just like boxing shoes, running shoes won’t last a lifetime, especially when you’re using them constantly. Most people suggest that you replace your running shoes between 310 and 430 miles or so. 

Every 310 to 430 miles could be roughly every four to six months if you run 20 miles per week. You might need to replace them more or less, depending on how much you’re running. 

Final Thoughts: Are Boxing Shoes Good for Running?

At the end of the day, even if you’re in a bind, you shouldn’t use your boxing shoes to go running. Boxing shoes are indoor shoes; people don’t design them to withstand the wear and tear that running outdoors will cause them. 

When you go running in boxing shoes, you can put yourself at risk for injuries, and even if you don’t injure yourself, you can ruin your boxing shoes well before their time is up. Ruining your shoes before their lifespan will cost you extra money that you could put towards other hobbies. 

Boxing shoes don’t provide you with the flexibility your feet need when running for short or long differences. Overall, we don’t recommend running in your boxing shoes, and if you have absolutely no choice, don’t do it often. 

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