Best Boxing Shoes Overall: Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes

Best Boxing Shoes for fighters on a budget: Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

In over 17 years of doing martial arts, I can conclusively say that shoes are one of the most underrated pieces of gear. This applies to boxing shoes, too. So many people focus on what boxing gloves they want to get, that they forget about everything else.

But they forget that in a good gym they can give you boxing gloves for training. In fact, that’s a good idea if you’re a beginner and don’t know what type of gloves you prefer. But nobody’s going to give you proper boxing shoes. And once you find the best pair for you, you’ll only be thinking how you ever trained without them!

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Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes
ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes
Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes
Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes
Adidas Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV-M Shoes
Otomix Men’s Warrior Shoes
1. Do You Even Need Boxing Shoes?
2. What to Look For in a Pair of Boxing Shoes
3. Can You Use Wrestling Shoes for Boxing?

Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes

Coming from one of the top sports companies in the world, the Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoes have a lot going for them. They’re very lightweight, and have great grip – two things that will definitely enhance your footwork. They’ve also good very smooth pivot points, which will help you feel balanced while moving. Their high tops also give very good ankle support, and their mesh gives them very good breathability. If you care for them properly, they should last you for quite some time.

In terms of downsides, these shoes run a bit narrow, so I wouldn’t recommend them to people with wider feet. Most people also report that they require some time to break in.

But overall, these Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoes are a very good choice for boxing, and at this price point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option.

adidas Men's HVC Wrestling Shoes


  • Smooth pivot points help with your footwork
  • Great ankle support to prevent injuries during training
  • Very lightweight, help you move faster
  • Good breathability


  • A bit too narrow – if you have wide feet, they might be uncomfortable
  • Need some time to break in

ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

Traditionally, ASICS have always positioned themselves as a high-quality brand at affordable prices. Their Matflex 6 Wrestling shoes are a good example of that.

They’ve got good grip, and are very comfortable. They’re light, which means you’ll have an easier time doing footwork, and their tongue even has a pouch to hold the extra shoe string.

In terms of negatives, some people complain that they didn’t last them very long, and that they took a long time to break in.

But overall, they’re a good pair of shoes at a reasonable price point, and they offer a great value for money. If you’re thinking of buying them, consider getting a size or half a size bigger, especially if you have wide feet.

ASICS Men's Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes


  • Very comfortable
  • Very good grip keeps you balanced during footwork
  • Pouch in the tongue to hold extra shoe string
  • Good value for money


  • Take a lot of time to break in
  • Some people had problems with durability

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Ringside are one of the biggest boxing brands out there, and they’ve been making boxing gear for over thirty years now. And their Diablo Boxing Shoes are one of their best known boxing shoes.

They’re very lightweight, but still offer a lot of support, especially in the ankle area. Some people have had problems when it comes to durability and breathability, but at this price you’d be hard pressed to find a better option.

In terms of sizing, these run a little big, so consider getting a size, or even a size and a half smaller.

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Good support keeps your ankles safe from spraining
  • Good value for money
  • Very durable for the price


  • Take a little time to break in
  • Not very breathable

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

Venum is one of the most recognizable brands in combat sports and their Elite Boxing Shoes are bound to turn heads in the gym.

They’re got high tops that give you great ankle support, yet are flexible enough so that you don’t feel stiff when doing footwork. These boots are a good fit if you’ve got high arches on our feet – something many other brands struggle to give you.

In terms of negatives, the biggest one is probably their weight. Many people complain that they felt like they were weighed down when boxing in them. So, if you’re on the lighter side, this could be a problem. Also, the sole isn’t as soft compared to some other brands. So, if you’re the type who prefers a softer sole, you should probably look elsewhere.

In terms of sizing, if you want a good fit you’ll need to go down a size.

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes


  • Good ankle support – helps against injuring your ankles
  • Provide good flexibility – makes you quicker on your feet
  • Good arch support – recommended if you have high arches
  • Distinctive design – bound to get you noticed in the gym


  • A bit heavy – your feet might feel a little weighed down
  • Sole isn’t as soft as some other boxing shoes
  • Take a long time to put on and take off

Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes

They’re very lightweight, and have amazing grip – two things that are essential when it comes to footwork. In addition, they also offer very good ankle and arch support.

In terms of downsides, the Adidas Box Hog II’s run a little narrow. So, if you’ve got wide feet you might have a hard time finding a good fit. Some people have also had problems when it comes to durability. The main issue seems to be the soles which are glued, rather than stitched. Still, most people are quite happy with them, in some cases their shoes lasting for months and even years.

If you’re thinking of buying a pair, consider getting a size bigger, since these shoes run a little small.

Adidas Men's Fitness Shoes, Black Core Black FTWR White Core Black Core Black FTWR White Core Black, 9


  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Good grip gives you more control of your footwork
  • Good arch and ankle support


  • Not suitable if you have wide feet
  • Some people had problems with durability


Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast is one of the most popular and iconic boxing brands. Their Elite High Top Boxing Shoes are a clear example of why.

They’re very light, which will definitely improve your footwork. Their high tops and strap offer great ankle support. They’re well built and are reasonably durable. Their design also makes them very well suited for people with wide feet.

In terms of downsides, some buyers complain that the velcro strap sometimes comes undone, and that the shoes as a whole take some time to break in.

Overall, the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes are a very solid choice offering a good value for money. If you’re thinking of getting a pair, consider ordering one size larger, since these run a little small.

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes - Black, Blue, Red


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good ankle support
  • Good for people with wide feet


  • Velcro strap easily comes undone
  • Can take a little time to break in

Adidas Men’s Varner Wrestling XIV-M Shoes

Adidas’ Varner Wrestling Shoes offer great grip and ankle support. Combined with their light weight and high flexibility, this makes them ideal for improving your footwork.

The main downside to these is durability – some people have had bad experiences where these shoes haven’t lasted as long as they should have, given the price point.

This is why I’d suggest looking at better options.

adidas Men's Varner Wrestling Shoe


  • Offer great grip and ankle support
  • Very light and flexible – help with footwork
  • Lots of available designs


  • Some people had problems with their durability

Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

Otomix have been making footwear since the late ‘80s, and while not as well known as some other brands on this list, they are known for their good quality.

Their Warrior Boxing Shoes are light and have good grip, which is essential for a good pair of boxing shoes. They have good ankle support, and memory foam insoles that feel very comfortable. They’ve got a wide toe box, so they’re a good choice for people with wider feet. A lot of users are also very happy with their durability.

The main downside they have is that the memory foam insoles can wear out very quickly. Which could make them much less comfortable.

But overall, they’re a solid choice at a reasonable price point.

Otomix Men's Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes


  • Good durability
  • Offer good ankle support
  • Lightweight and good grip – great for improving your footwork
  • Wide toe box – suitable for people with wide feet


  • Memory foam insoles wear out quickly

1. Do You Even Need Boxing Shoes?

While they may not seem as essential as boxing gloves, proper boxing shoes can massively improve your footwork, speed, and power. This is because boxing shoes are designed specifically for boxing (shocking, I know!). And a well-made pair of boxing shoes will make your feet feel lighter, while at the same time giving your ankles some much-needed support.

2. What to Look For in a Pair of Boxing Shoes

2.1. Ankle Support

Boxing requires a ton of footwork, and during most of it you’ll have to maintain a relatively low stance. Most boxing styles also include doing a lot of pivots. All of this can put a lot of pressure on your ankles. This is why a lot of boxing shoes have high tops going up to your shins, to provide your ankles with support. Even the so-called “low-top” shoes usually go above your ankles.

Now, there are some trade-offs when it comes to low- and high-top boxing shoes:

  • High-top boxing shoes give you lots of ankle support. But that support comes at the expense of some mobility, because your foot is somewhat restricted
  • Low-top boxing shoes allow you to move around more freely. They make it easier to get into more crouched positions, and don’t restrict your movement as much. But the trade-off here is that they offer less ankle support. And if you’re careless, this may lead to injury

2.2. Quality and Materials

Obviously, you want a pair of shoes that’ll last you a very long time. So, quality should always be a top priority when looking for boxing shoes. This is largely determined by the way a shoe is made, and the materials it uses.

Traditionally, boxing shoes are made of leather, but nowadays most of them use synthetic leather or polyester. While this does have an impact on a shoe’s durability and breathability, if 

it’s built properly, a pair of boxing shoes can still last quite a long time.

2.3. Sole Thickness

This is a subset of quality, but it’s so important, that I think it deserves special mention. Obviously, your boxing shoes need to feel comfortable. Since they’re usually made with thin soles, some people prefer wearing insoles, so their shoes fit better.

Also as important is how thick the sole is. This largely comes down to preference. Some people prefer a thinner sole, so they can feel the ground while moving around. That way, they feel more balanced, and can move around more quickly.

Meanwhile, others prefer a thicker sole. This is because thinner soles put more pressure on your feet, and can tire you out more quickly. If you’re someone with flatter feet, you may even find it painful wearing shoes with thin soles. Especially if you’re training on a hard surface (like concrete, for example).

The extra support given by thicker soles can also make it easier to push off the ground, giving you more power.

2.4. Grip

One of the most important aspects of boxing is good footwork. You need to be able to pivot on a dime, as well as shift your stance at a moment’s notice. So, if your shoes don’t have good grip, you’ll find yourself sliding all the time, and you’ll have a hard time keeping your balance.

The best boxing shoes have good grip, and soles that don’t wear out too quickly.

2.5. Weight and Thickness

This comes down to personal preference. A lighter shoe will have a thinner sole, and will help you feel the ground under your feet. In turn, this will give you more control, and allow for more precise movements. At the same time, a heavier shoe will be thicker, and feel more supportive. While that may hamper your agility, it could help you gain more power.

In any case, it’s best to try on different types of shoes, and see what works best for you.

3. Can You Use Wrestling Shoes for Boxing?

Yes, you can! A lot of fighters use wrestling shoes for boxing, since wrestling shoes are built in a very similar way. The main difference is that wrestling shoes usually have a stronger grip compared to boxing shoes. This may be an issue if you like to pivot a lot, but with enough practice you can definitely get used to it.

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