Aqua Training Bag Review

Aqua Training Bag Review: A great option for advanced fighters who rely on lots of heavy bag work. It’s definitely not the cheapest option, but it offers high quality for the price

Are you looking for boxing equipment and gear to hone your skill levels? Aqua training bags provide a different feel from standard punching bags. It’s made of thicker material than canvas and provides a firm hit with consistent feedback.

The impact distributes evenly on the bag’s surface since it has water instead of sand which absorbs the kinetic energy.

It’s perfect for outdoor spaces, but if you live in an extremely hot environment, cover it with a towel to protect the water inside. With the towel on, you can easily punch the bag with bare fists.

The different sizes and capacities of the bags offer other options for working out and martial arts. Though its limitations in the steps and changing the levels while training, it still fulfils an experienced fighter’s expectations.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive Aqua Training Bag review that includes the benefits of the bag’s features, how you can get the best from them, and handling its installation and maintenance. The thick vinyl skin and other features have pros that add to the training bag’s ease of use and installation. In addition, it gives an inviting and appealing view when hung up in your outdoor or indoor space.

With this review, you will understand how to overcome challenges and setbacks to give flawless service. In addition, the vinyl material in the bag’s skin increases its durability, making it a reliable tool to practice your kicks and punches without fear of wearing it down or tearing it. 

Using the bag’s tutorial, you’ll understand how to utilize it when practicing with and without boxing gloves and using elbows or knees. This distinction makes the difference in its performance and reliability.

Table of Contents:

1. Overview
2. Features of the Aqua Bag
Excellent Shock Absorption
Vinyl Skin
Water and Air Filling
Hanging Tools
Cap and Tip
Futuristic Design
3. Benefits of the Aqua Training Bag
4. Disadvantages of the Aqua Training Bag
5. Alternatives
Budget Alternative: MaxxMMA Training Water/Air Heavy Bag
Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag, 100lbs
5. Conclusion

1. Overview

Aqua Training Bag 15" 75 Pound Heavy Punching Bag


  • Very good shock absorption
  • Reputable brand
  • Efficient for speed training
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a 70lbs that works for beginners and a 100-120 lbs that’s good for professional boxers.


  • Premium price range
  • Needs regular refilling to maintain shock absorption

2. Features of the Aqua Bag

Here are some attributes of the Aqua Punching Bag.

Excellent Shock Absorption

Working on the heavy bag is essential for getting good at boxing. It helps you build endurance, power and speed. But the problem with traditional punching bags is that they’re not very good at absorbing the shock from hits. 

This means that when you punch a traditional heavy bag part of the kinetic energy from your punches goes back into your body. This puts stress on your joints and could lead to some long-term problems (especially if you don’t use proper heavy bag gloves).

The Aqua Training Bag is meant to solve this problem. Thanks to the fact that it’s filled with water, it has a very high level of kinetic shock absorption. This means that when you punch, most of the kinetic energy goes into the bag rather than into your body.

This is especially useful for serious fighters who rely on lost of heavy bag work. The high level of kinetic shock absorption will make sure you won’t injure the joints in your hands.

Vinyl Skin

The Vinyl skin holds water in the boxing bag. It has a thick lining that protects the bag from bursting when punching. You only need to fill the bag with vinyl skin with water for an easy setup and installation.

Equal energy transmission within the water creates a uniform impact with more positive resistance. In addition, it allows you to train and fight over long periods enhancing your fighting skills and artistry. 

The skin or membrane holds the water when setting up your Aqua Training Bag. Previously, most training bags used sand or other solid materials to create an appropriate training surface. The water in the bag allows you to hit the sack without injuries or joint pains. 

The skin is tough and water-resistant, preventing leaks and tears. It protects it from damage in the rainy season. You can hang it up in the open space without worrying about damage allowing you to enhance your skills. 

The tough skin increases the bag’s durability preventing the outer material from quickly deteriorating. So, though it provides a tough surface to hit and punch during training, it lasts longer without compromising your training quality. 

Consider the sensory nerve endings on the surface area you intend to hit the bag with before using extra force on the Aqua bag. It helps you prevent injuries keeping you safe during training. 

The vinyl bag comes in various colors allowing you to get colors that align with your gym’s theme or feeling. So whether you go for a red or blue color, its radiance keeps your mind focused, helping you achieve your boxing goals. 


  • It has a high sock absorbance level because of the thick lining.
  • Withstands humid spaces because of the mildew and mold resistance.
  • The vinyl skin holding water creates more positive resistance when punching or kicking it, enhancing your strength and technique while boxing.


  • Because of the thick outer layer, you should use gloves or protective gear like hand wraps to avoid hunting the hand knuckles or elbows.
Does the Punching Bag Burn Arm Fat Featured Image

Water and Air Filling

The water in your Aqua Training Bag is the backbone of the tool. The thick vinyl teardrop-shaped bag comes in different sizes and weights. For example, when the 15” bag gets filled with water, it weighs approximately 75 pounds. To easily install the water bag, hang it up and then fill it with water until below the marked line on the bag. 

Most manufacturers recommend leaving an air space before removing it to finish the installation. It helps you install the bag properly to avoid mishandling it because of its heaviness. 

If you feel the bag is too tough for your liking, especially if you store it in unheated areas, consider changing its location. 

The uppercut is the most preferred technique when using a water bag, which gives you a perfect practising tool when set at the right height. In addition, it doesn’t have extreme swing backs, compromising your hits and balance during training. 


  • The air and water have better shock absorption which is great for your joints
  • The air in the water bag eliminates the wrinkles or ripples in the bag to avoid having an uneven punching surface, making your solid hits comfortable and consistent while improving your balance.
  • The weight of the water in the bag allows you to take up different feet positions while landing solid blows.


  • Some users experience freezing water in the bag during the cold season.

Hanging Tools

The metal chains and hooks you use when hanging the water bag should withstand the weight, vibrations, and force during training. Get the correct rating for the swivels, chains, carabiners, or pulleys that’ll help you safely set up and use the water bag. 

Use the standard weight given on the water bag to purchase appropriate hanging equipment. When setting the height of the water bag, consider the techniques and combos you expect to work on to maximize its position. 

Go for heavier bags if you are an intense boxer who takes pleasure in punching multiple times. The heavy water bag has fewer swing backs allowing you to achieve your goals without being hit back with the swing backs. In addition, the water and spring absorb the energy and vibration, giving you a good boxing session.

Use this unit to hang your water bag from the ceiling or the punching bag’s stand.

Cap and Tip

The cap and tips help you fill water quickly while avoiding messiness. The cap attaches to the chain or hook to form a complete unit.

A loosely capped bag allows water to overflow or leak, compromising the water bag’s functionality. Also, it makes your training area slippery, which can cause accidents and injuries. Always confirm how tight your cap is after installation for successful boxing sessions.

It’s advisable to pump air through the cap to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the Aqua bag. Wrinkles compromise the shape and design of the water bag as they cause uneven boxing surfaces. A smooth yet hard surface for boxing with even impact optimizes your boxing experience level and improves your mental health. 

Tips help you to fill the water bag using a garden hose pipe. First, slide the hose pipe to fit tightly at the bag’s opening before filling the water.

Once you have a snug connection, fill the water to the desired level, usually below the worked level. Again, using the tips makes the process more efficient.


  • Protects your boxing training area from becoming messy by preventing overfilling.
  • Maintains the sturdiness of the mounting.


  • Filling the water bag requires a hose pipe which prolongs the process.
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Futuristic Design

The tear-drop design of the Aqua bag is appealing and effective. The exclusive colors and patterns on the surface give each bag a unique feel and experience. The sack has more positive feedback helping you to feel the impact of your punching or kicking technique.


  • You can achieve a wide range of exercises while using this tool.
  • Its low impact reduces the stress you get from boxing, strengthening your mind and body during your training session.
  • The teardrop shape design scientifically helps distribute the energy evenly throughout the sack.
  • The teardrop design also offers accuracy when you punch at high volume.


  • This design limits some of the martial arts or combo techniques.

3. Benefits of the Aqua Training Bag

The Aqua Training Bag provides firm and friendly hits without the risk of injury. Every bag has a unique swirl (pattern) where you can distinguish the patterns – you can’t find two bags having the same pattern.

The Aqua Training Bag provides numerous benefits using its unique features. The design and material used in its manufacturing boost the functionality. You can easily set up the training bag by filling in the water, capping it, and hanging it in your space. 

It allows you to throw punches of different intensities and craft when practicing your technique. The impact in the water gets distributed evenly, giving consistent feedback when kicking or punching. You don’t get a lot of swings back when you punch it several times. 

In addition, it doesn’t matter where or how you hit the bag; it always absorbs the shock and releases minimal impact. The versatile equipment allows suspension of the Aqua Training stand or the ceiling for maximum effectiveness.

It is more portable than sand punching bags since you’ll only need to empty the water bag and carry it to your training station.

It also allows easy storage. You can store it in an overnight bag, a compact cubbyhole, or a vehicle trunk.

4. Disadvantages of the Aqua Training Bag

The Aqua Punching bag also has negative reviews because of its water content properties. Unlike the sand training bags, this one is less heavy. So, it may be a bit unstable for those used to sand punching bags.

Some users also find practicing body punches on the bag difficult. Since it’s slightly unstable, it only works better when you punch from the lower and middle torso.

It also requires more care when making your punches since it can easily send you straight to the ground when your punch lands incorrectly.

Unlike free-standing training bags, you’ll need to dedicate a specific place to hang your Aqua bag. The area must also have enough room for boxing practices. So, it may not be a perfect option for boxing trainees with limited space at home.

5. Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the Aqua Training Bag.

Budget Alternative: MaxxMMA Training Water/Air Heavy Bag

This punching bag is perfect for four different workout modes, including:

  • Fitness boxing workouts
  • Heavy bag workouts
  • Uppercut bag workouts
  • MMA dummy ground training workouts

It is perfect for throwing, grappling, fitness and training. The air/water combined feature in its bladder makes boxers feel they are punching a human being instead of sand in a bag. It also makes you retain your balance while training, thus working your abdominal, overall balance, and core.

In addition, it allows weight adjustment ranging between 20-120lbs.

MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy Bag

Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag, 100lbs

This punching bag is also from the MMA league. It is usually offered in online and physical stores like Amazon as a package with the bag, an Everlast wood bean holder, and a ringside training heavy-duty bag spring.

It also comes with assembly instructions. In addition, its hydroStrike technology is smoother on joints and increases trike absorption.

In terms of size, this training bag has a 28.13-inch height and 14.3-inch diameter. Unfortunately, its measurements make it less favorable for use outside.

Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag, 100 lb, Black, P00000657

5. Conclusion

If you are a boxer looking for a new training challenge or to improve your training space, go for the Aqua Training Bag. They give you intense training sessions flexing your wrists and joints when punching. As a result, it causes fewer injuries and provides more positive resistance during impact. 

Its durability and reliability when working outdoors and indoors make it the go-to option. Also, the ease of installation increases its portability and usage in different locations breaking down any space limitations you might have inside your house.

Depending on your training bag’s size and shape, you can easily practice changing the levels of your kicks. You can use it commercially or in your home space to broaden your training spectrum. 

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