Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are great for beginners and fighters on a tight budget

Price to Quality5/5
Wrist Support3/5
Overall Score20/30

Everlast is one of the most recognizable boxing brands. They’ve been making boxing equipment since 1917. So it’s no surprise that their Pro Style Training Gloves are one of the most popular boxing gloves for beginners, and when you look at them, you can clearly see why.

They’re quite cheap and are perfect if you’re just starting out, or if you’re just not sure if you want to do boxing long-term. Being made of 80% polyurethane and 20% plastic, you’d think they’re complete trash. However, they’re surprisingly sturdy, especially given the low price.

I’ve been using mine for over a year, and I am baffled at how well they’ve held up, even after intense heavy bag workouts.

Some users complain that they smell bad after use, but as long as you don’t leave them in a closed area (e.g. your gym bag), and let them ventilate, then you should be fine.

In terms of wrist support, they’re nothing to write home about. Usually, gloves in this price range aren’t great about wrist support, so if this is something you value, I suggest looking at the Ringside IMF Tech Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves.

Now, If you punch very hard, then you might feel the padding getting thin. This was my problem with them. Since my workouts are more intense than what a beginner might do, my hands started getting sore.  If you’re having the same problem and the feeling continues even with hand wraps, then you should consider upgrading to a more heavy-duty pair of gloves.

As it stands, though, the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are a great option for beginners looking for a good pair of budget boxing gloves.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves
  • Low price point
  • Very durable for non-leather gloves
  • Optimal protection for this price
  • Easy to put on and off by yourself
  • Synthetic materials. Low breathability
  • Not recommended if you hit very hard
  • Very few available designs

Construction Quality

Construction quality is the most important factor for glove longevity. The best boxing gloves are made of leather. High-quality leather is strong, breathable, looks good, and can last a long time. It’s also a plus if the glove is made of fewer separate pieces of leather. This means there are less seams – and by extension – less places where the glove can fall apart. 

In the case of the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves, the construction quality is very good for the price. It’s not as good as something like a Cleto Reyes or a Ringside, but they can definitely last you quite a long time.

I’ve been using my pair for about one year and they’ve held up really well.

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Padding Design

A boxing glove’s main purpose is to protect your hand. This is achieved by using good, high-quality padding. Padding on the knuckles protects them from injury when striking at a heavy bag or your opponent’s body, while padding on the backside of your hand helps you defend against attacks when blocking and parrying.

Nowadays, almost all gloves use latex or foam for padding. Different manufacturers use many different techniques when cutting and layering the foam they use for padding, and that greatly affects the quality of the glove. Done properly, it feels great when you hit, and the gloves can last a long time. Done poorly, and the padding can not only quickly fall apart, but also hurt your hands.

The Everlast Pro Style use foam for padding. Even after a lot of use, they feel a bit stiff when I use them on the heavy bag. I personally like that because it helps me practice my speed. I prefer my gloves to have padding with a bit of bounce to them, as it helps me retract my punches after striking.

That being said, if you prefer your gloves to be softer, then I suggest going for something like the Ringside IMF Tech Hook and Loop. They’re not as cheap, but their padding is definitely softer. And if you have sensitive hands or a history of hand injuries, then you’ll definitely want the extra protection they provide.

Glove Fit

In my experience, the two most important factors for boxing gloves are padding and fit. I’ve tried on quite a few expensive boxing gloves that just didn’t fit right. And regardless of how high quality they were, I still wouldn’t use them.

Some gloves are better suited for people with bigger hands and wrists, while others will feel better if your hands are smaller. If your gloves are too big or too small, you can have difficulty forming a tight fist. Hitting like that will not only ruin your workout but can also lead to serious hand injuries. 

The 12 oz gloves I’ve got have a very nice and snug fit to them. However, if your hands are above average in size, then you should really consider getting a larger size – 14 or 16 oz.

The length of your fingers is also important. Your fingers need to fit comfortably, and the glove should curl easily when you make a fist. Another important aspect is being able to easily open and close your hand. That way you can quickly transition from having a relaxed hand for blocking and parrying to making your hand tighter for punching.

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During training, your hands will get very hot and sweaty, so it’s important to have more open gloves that allow the skin on your hands to breathe. Not only is this more comfortable, it’s also good for the padding. Sweat is acidic, and with enough time, it can actually break down the padding. Ideally, you want gloves made out of leather, as it’s a much more breathable material than its synthetic counterparts.

The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves have a breathability mesh on the palm area, which I don’t really like. I prefer aeration holes because they’re much better at letting the air flow through the gloves so that it takes longer for your hands to get sweaty.

Still, the breathability mesh is one of the best I’ve used in a cheap boxing glove, so it’s definitely a nice feature.

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The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are a great entry-level pair of boxing gloves, and they’ll serve you well if you decide to go for them. I’ve been using them for over a year and they’ve held up very well. I definitely recommend them!

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