Title Classic Boxing Gloves Review

The Title Classic Boxing Gloves are a great option for fighters on a budget who really value wrist support.

Price to Quality4/5
Wrist Support5/5
Overall Score21/30

My Experience with the Title Classic Boxing Gloves

Title is another mainstay of boxing gear. Their Classic Boxing Gloves are a good example of why that is. They’re made of synthetic leather. Normally, synthetic leather isn’t the most durable material, but these gloves can hold up even after months of intensive use.

The padding starts off a bit stiff, but after some time of breaking them in, using them on the heavy bag feels great.

In terms of wrist support, they’ve got really nice curve to the finger portion. This aligns your fist really well and makes sure your wrist is positioned properly. Adding to that, they’ve also got a very sturdy velcro strap which further helps with proper wrist position. Overall, they’re a great choice if you’re concerned about wrist support.

In terms of negatives, a big problem is the lack of breathability. Not only is synthetic leather extremely stuffy, but the only form of breathability here is the five small aeration holes in the palm area. So, you can expect your hands to start sweating almost the minute you put these gloves on.

Still, if you’re on a tight budget and you value wrist support, then these Title Classic Boxing Gloves offer a pretty great bang for your buck!

Title Classic Speed Boxing Gloves
  • Very durable for the price
  • Great padding makes them good for heavy bag work
  • Great gloves for sparring thanks to slim design
  • Very good value for money
  • Made of faux leather. Won’t last as long as genuine leather
  • Padding needs time to break in
  • Not the best-looking design 
  • Very poor breathability
  • Only come in 2 sizes

Construction Quality

Construction quality is the most important factor for glove longevity. The best boxing gloves are made of real leather. High-quality leather is strong, breathable, looks good, and can last a long time. It’s also a plus if the glove is made of fewer separate pieces of leather. This means there are less seams – and by extension – less places where the glove can fall apart. 

One step below that is synthetic leather, which is what these Title Classic Boxing Gloves are made of. So, as you can probably guess, they won’t last you as long as something like the Ringside IMF Tech Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves, or a different pair of leather gloves.

Still, they hold up surprisingly well and the construction quality is very high.

Padding Design

A boxing glove’s main purpose is to protect your hand. This is achieved by using good, high-quality padding. Padding on the knuckles protects them from injury when striking at a heavy bag or your opponent’s body, while padding on the backside of your hand helps you defend against attacks when blocking and parrying.

Nowadays, almost all gloves use latex or foam for padding. Different manufacturers use many different techniques when cutting and layering the foam they use for padding, and that greatly affects the quality of the glove. Done properly, it feels great when you hit, and the gloves can last a long time. Done poorly, and the padding can not only quickly fall apart, but also hurt your hands.

Ringside IMF Tech Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves Review

The Title Classic Boxing Gloves use very stiff foam padding. This is great if you like doing long sessions on the heavy bag. The stiff padding is going to keep your hands protected. Although I wouldn’t recommend using them for sparring, as the stiff padding could hurt your training partner.

Glove Fit

In my experience, the two most important factors for boxing gloves are padding and fit. I’ve tried on quite a few expensive boxing gloves that just didn’t fit right. And regardless of how high quality they were, I still wouldn’t use them.

Some gloves are better suited for people with bigger hands and wrists, while others will feel better if your hands are smaller. If your gloves are too big or too small, you can have difficulty forming a tight fist. Hitting like that will not only ruin your workout but can also lead to serious hand injuries. 

The Title Classic Boxing Gloves have a really nice and snug fit. I also love the way they’re curved, making sure that your fist is properly aligned. Combined with the padding on the back, this makes sure that your wrist is supported really well.


During training, your hands will get very hot and sweaty, so it’s important to have more open gloves that allow the skin on your hands to breathe. Not only is this more comfortable, it’s also good for the padding. Sweat is acidic, and with enough time, it can actually break down the padding. Ideally, you want gloves made out of leather, as it’s a much more breathable material than its synthetic counterparts.

Breathability is the Achilles’ heel of the Title Classic Boxing Gloves. With only a few tiny aeration holes in the palm area, you can expect your hands to get sweaty almost as soon as you put them on.

What makes it worse is the fact that the holes themselves are on the upper part of the palm area, right under the curve of the gloves. This means that it’s really hard for the air to actually get to them.


Overall, the Title Classic Boxing Gloves are a good pair of bag gloves for fighters who value wrist support. They’re durable and protective, but they fall flat when it comes to breathability.

If you’re on a budget, then I suggest you go for the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves – they’re cheaper, but they’re just as durable and they’re more breathable. The only aspect where Title is better is wrist support.

If you’re willing to shell out a bit more money, then I suggest you go for the Ringside IMF Tech Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves – they have excellent wrist support and they’re made of genuine leather.

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How I Rate Boxing Gloves

With every pair of boxing gloves I test and review, I look at several metrics:

Price-to-Quality Ratio

I’m all about the price-to quality ratio – how much you’re shelling out versus what you’re getting in return. It’s not just about the -cost; it’s about the value. I steer you away from overspending, especially for beginners. I’ve got your back with gloves that offer solid quality without draining your wallet. Because let’s face it, in the boxing glove world, it’s not just about the price tag; it’s about what you get for what you pay


Then, I look at how long these gloves typically last. We’re not just looking for a one-night stand here – we want something that can go the distance. When the padding starts giving in and the wrists start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to think about replacements. This is more crucial for gloves used in training and bag work; they go through a lot, you know?

Some gloves are like solid buddies that stick around for a long time, especially if you’re into the basics. We’re talking durability – gloves that won’t bail on you after a few rounds of training.


I dig deep into the padding, examining its thickness, density, and layers. It’s not just about feeling the impact of your punches; it’s about how well the gloves safeguard your hands and keep your sparring partner in the game. I’ll guide you towards gloves with the perfect balance, ensuring you feel the power without compromising on protection.

Wrist Support

Next up is the backbone of stability – wrist support. I examine how well the gloves cradle and secure your wrists. Whether it’s Velcro straps or lace-ups, I’m all about making sure your wrists stay in the game. No compromises here – we’re talking about gloves that keep you punching without worrying about twists, creases, or unexpected bends.


Fit is everything in the boxing glove world. I scrutinize how snugly the gloves wrap around your hands, ensuring a tailored fit. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about maximizing your performance. I’ll point you towards gloves that feel like a second skin – no loose ends, no discomfort, just a perfect fit for your punching style.


I assess how well the gloves handle moisture, checking for breathability and sweat absorption. Your hands deserve to stay dry during a workout, and your gloves? Well, they should stay fresh, not turn into a smelly mess. I’ve got your back with gloves that let your hands breathe while you throw those knockout punches.