How Much did Ngannou Make Boxing Tyson Fury?

How Much did Ngannou Make Boxing Tyson Fury? According to reports, Francis Ngannou made approximately 10 million dollars for fighting Tyson Fury. This is approximately three times more than his entire earnings during his career in the UFC. Over his 14 UFC fights, Ngannou earned a total of 3.5 million dollars.

As for the fight itself, it was a hotly contested win by Fury. Ngannou managed to knock him down with a left hook in the third round, but he ultimately lost on points. 

Similar to the fight between Floyd Mayweather in his fight against Conor McGregor, Tyson Fury leaned on his superior stamina as a boxer to tire Ngannou out and ultimately claw back the lead in the later rounds of the fight. 

All three judges scored the boxers within a couple of points of each other:

  • The first judge – Ed Garner – scored 95-94 for Ngannou
  • The second – Juan Carlos Pelayo – scored it 96-93 for Fury
  • The third judge – Alan Krebs scored the fight 95-94 for Tyson Fury

Many fans thought that Ngannou should have won the fight. Not only because of the knockdown he gave Tyson Fury, but also because in Round 7 the Cameroonian boxer brought Fury down to his knees during one of the later clinches in that round and in Round 8, he landed several series of hooks to Fury’s head.

Controversy aside, it was a very exciting, technical fight, and I’d love to see more from Ngannou’s boxing in the future. It would be awesome to see him fighting Oleksandr Usyk! Usyk’s aggressive style would be really interesting to see against the careful and technical outboxer that is Ngannou.

But that will have to wait until Usyk has had a chance to go against the Gypsy King himself – Tyson Fury on December 23rd. And I, for one, absolutely can’t wait!

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