Lace-Up vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Lace-up vs velcro boxing gloves: Having used both, I prefer velcro, because it’s faster. But if you’ve got more expensive boxing gloves, lace-up is going to last longer. 

That being said, the type of gloves you choose will depend on your personal preference and the kind of boxing you’re doing. Professional fighters need a pair of boxing gloves with a custom fit, and they often invest in more expensive gloves to ensure proper wrist protection.

Choosing the correct type of boxing gloves is crucial for the athlete’s safety. Two of the most popular choices are lace-up gloves and velcro gloves. Which style of glove is the best? Every boxer will have a different answer to this question. I’ll cover the advantages and

disadvantages of velcro and laced-up gloves so you can choose the correct glove.

Table of Contents:
1. Which Is Better – Lace-Up or Velcro Boxing Gloves?
2. Lace-Up Gloves
2.1. Lace-Up Gloves Benefits
2.2. Lace-Up Gloves Disadvantages
3. Velcro Gloves
3.1. Velcro Gloves Benefits
3.2. Velcro Gloves Disadvantages
4. Final Thoughts: Lace-Up vs. Velcro Boxing Gloves

1. Which Is Better – Lace-Up or Velcro Boxing Gloves?

The boxing glove industry offers many options when it comes to glove models. You can choose laced gloves, hook-and-loop gloves, gloves for sparring, and velcro gloves. Fighters can also try hybrid gloves. 

Female athletes can opt for lighter gloves. The female fitness version is a glove for women, and these more lightweight gloves are perfect for bag work or sparring gloves.

Legit fighters research all types of gloves to find precisely what they want. Glove reviews describe the characteristics of each type of glove. They are not necessarily looking for an affordable price but a quality glove they can wear to a training session or a professional fight.

The most common gloves you will see at a boxing gym are lace-up boxing gloves and velcro gloves. You will see that they come in many flashy colors, and fancy colors are appealing, but you should consider several other factors. Let’s find out which gloves are better.

2. Lace-Up Gloves

Professional fighters generally choose laced gloves because they offer a much tighter and more personalized fit. You seal the laced gloves closed with a single lace that runs through both sides of the glove, and the fighter can tighten the gloves as much as they want.

2.1. Benefits

One of the benefits of a lace-up glove is that it offers a much tighter fit for the fighter. They can customize the tightness of the fit to their wrist. Boxers will also find extra cushy padding, which offers additional wrist protection.

Laced gloves generally have more extended cuffs making them more comfortable gloves.

These gloves seem custom hand fit, so they are much less bulky than the velcro gloves. The padding distribution is even, so they are great gloves for training and fighting.

2.2. Disadvantages

A disadvantage to owning a pair of lace-up gloves is that you need help to lace up your gloves. You will be okay if you are in the gym or about to fight but if you are training alone, lacing up becomes a challenge.

People have recognized this challenge and have come up with a solution. Many fighters now use an elastic strap to close their boxing gloves which do not offer the same tight fit as a tightened lace but are adequate for fighters’ training alone.

You can also tape them when you are training alone. They can tape them in minutes and be untaped just as quickly.

Lacing and unlacing gloves take a fair amount of time. Laced gloves are heavier gloves that are not an excellent option for people who enjoy frequent, shorter training sessions. Dealing with your gloves can become quite tedious.

Another drawback to the laced gloves is their laces, which can cut your opponent during a punch. Fighters often tape their wrists to hide the laces. 

You will find that lace-up gloves are more expensive than velcro gloves. Although, if you want dependable boxing gloves that protect your hands, it might be worth paying a little extra.

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3. Velcro Gloves

Velcro gloves are closed up with straps of velcro. Recreational fighters choose these gloves because they are much easier to work with. You slip your hand inside and pull the velcro strap over.

3.1. Benefits

Velcro straps allow athletes to put these gloves on in seconds.

Fighters use these as training gloves and do not need help getting ready. Velcro gloves have excellent wrist support but do not have the customized wrist fit of laced gloves.

Velcro boxing gloves tend to be much cheaper than lace-up gloves. Recreational boxers or people who occasionally spar should consider velcro boxing gloves. 

Beginners will enjoy velcro boxing gloves because they will help them break into the sport. Learning how to slip in and out of their boxing gloves is one of the skills that they must master. 

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3.2. Disadvantages

The velcro straps can scratch or even cut your opponent during a punch. Often, velcro straps can be too long and need to be tucked into the glove or taped.

Velcro gloves include some cheaper alternatives with cheaper velcro that will lose effectiveness over time. 

Velcro gloves will not fit as snugly as laced gloves because they lack the extra padding. The velcro straps will not seal as tightly as lace, and you can add some tape to the wrists for a tighter fit.

4. Final Thoughts: Lace-Up vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are essential safety equipment you will need, and you will appreciate the right-sized gloves when you avoid the knuckle pain of boxing. Professional fighters should invest in lace-up gloves with extra wrist protection. 

An excellent lace-up boxing glove will be durable and well worth the money. The quality gloves will help their performance in the boxing ring. 

Recreational fighters and beginners should consider velcro boxing gloves. You can usually find suitable gloves for sparring at low prices, which are excellent for the boxing gym. You get all the protection you need, and they go on and come off with little effort.

If you have difficulty deciding between the two types of gloves, consider a hybrid glove. These gloves incorporate lace and velcro for the best results.

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