The Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves

The Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves: Lace N Loop Straps
The Best Budget Lace Converters: Title Hook and Loop Converters 

Lace converters are leather straps designed to convert a pair of lace-up gloves into a velcro glove. If you enjoy the tight fit of lace-up gloves but have a tough time putting them on when working out, these gloves will be great for you.

From professional boxers to passionate amateurs, you no longer have to depend on others to help with boxing glove lace ups. We’ve taken the liberty of listing the best lace converters for boxing gloves that are comfortable, easy to use, and durable.

Table of Contents:

1. The Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves
Best Overall – Lace N Loop Straps
Best Budget Option – Title Lace Converters (Hook & Loop)
RDX Lace-Up Strap Converters
Ring to Cage Lace Converters
2. Are Lace Converters Worth it?
3. How To Pick the Best Lace Converters
3.1. Material Quality
3.2. Tight Fit
3.3. Cost
3.4. Design
4. Final Thoughts – the Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves

1. The Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves

Laced glove converters are the way to go when you’re looking to make it easier to put your gloves on when training alone.

There are various price points and some are useful for more than just boxing. Here are our top picks for the best lace converter systems available:

Best Overall – Lace N Loop Straps

Are you using gloves – 12 oz, gloves – 18 oz, gloves – 8 oz? No matter the size, you could secure them with lace converters!

The Lace N Loop Straps are an absolute game changer. These lace converter systems offer robust support while wearing professional boxing gloves that are traditionally lace-up. 

The straps are comfortable and long-lasting. To put these to the test, use the lace up gloves for bagwork or engage in an intense workout with a sparring partner. With lace-up converters, you can put your gloves on and take them off in no time.

Lace N Loop Straps (Pair) - Lace-Up Boxing Glove Converter


  • Versatile because you can still use the laces version
  • Come in various fancy colors
  • Provide a tight and secure fit


  • Can be hard to get the preferred tightness
  • Hard to fasten if you’re already wearing boxing gloves
  • Costlier than alternatives

Best Budget Option – Title Lace Converters (Hook & Loop)

Title’s Hook and Loop Converters let you quickly cover gloves that naturally lace up, making them functional for use with durable hook & loop boxing gloves. 

These lace converters can be attached to virtually any pair of laced gloves. They have a wide and stretchy band which means the glove fits snugly. 

The convenience of hook-and-loop boxing gloves means they stay secure while you’re working out, meaning they’re ideal gloves for sparring.

Title Hook & Loop Glove Converter


  • Thick, elastic band for a snug fit
  • Convert to hook and loop boxing gloves with ease
  • Long-lasting


  • Can sometimes scratch your skin 
  • Elastic wears out quickly
  • Not enough Velcro for small to medium-sized wrists

RDX Lace-Up Strap Converters

The RDX lace converters feature all-new nylon boxing straps for avid boxing customers. These lace converters were crafted using durable nylon material, allowing the straps to stretch and a custom fit for all sizes of hands.

Maya hide leather gives the straps an impressive look while ensuring they stand up to rigorous and repeated use. 

The hook and loop design let you take off your lace-up grappling gloves, punching gloves, or your Maya hide leather gloves in seconds. They’re available in bright and dark colors for your convenience. An additional feature is an iron rivet designed to keep laces from getting in your way while training. 


  • Diversified color scheme
  • Custom models and sturdy nylon build
  • Reinforced stitching for a secure feel


  • Velcro is somewhat weak
  • May ruin the lace if it gets stuck to the velcro
  • Some orders have the wrong color

Ring to Cage Converter – Hook&Loop Strap

This hook & loop strap by Ring to Cage is very secure and feels very snug around your gloves. They attach very easily and can work with almost any type of lace-up boxing glove.

The velcro is very strong and secure, and it’s easy to get on and off while both your hands have boxing gloves on them.

In terms of drawbacks, they only come in two sizes – double and single. So, if you have particularly thick wrists, they may feel too tight.

They also only come in black. So, if aesthetics are very important to you, then this may be an issue. But other than that, these are some very good lace converters.

Ring to Cage Converter - Hook&Loop Strap for Lace-up Boxing Gloves - Single or Double. for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA Laceup Gloves


  • Offer a very comfortable fit
  • Very strong velcro
  • Easy to get on and off while wearing gloves


  • Only available in black
  • Come in only two sizes
  • May be a bit uncomfortable if you have thicker wrists

2. Are Lace Converters Worth it?

Yes, lace converters are worthwhile because you may not always be in a position to go to the gym with someone. Other options, such as taping the gloves, are inconvenient and won’t offer the same snug fit as Velcro.

When you’re training alone and don’t have somebody else to tie your lace-up boxing gloves for you, lace converters are the perfect solution. They go on quickly, are practical, and are not too expensive.


3. How To Pick the Best Lace Converters

While household brands typically deliver, the best lace converters for boxing gloves can vary from person to person. There are a few considerations that you should keep in mind, whether you’re looking for converters for martial arts gloves or kickboxing gloves:

3.1. Material Quality

The most common choices for lace converter systems are leather and nylon. Nylon costs less, but it may be more unpleasant to wear because of scratching. Leather will have a smoother feel, is more durable, and is longer-lasting.

If you’re on a budget, many independent reviewers in the United States suggest nylon if you won’t have to work out by yourself too often. 

3.2. Tight Fit

From professional boxers to those looking for amateur competition gloves, you want lace converters that offer a tight fit that doesn’t get looser over time. Also, if you need the female fitness version gloves that may come in smaller sizes, ensure that the straps are also suitable for small hands. 

Whether you are a user of lace and loop boxing gloves or Velcro straps, what you choose must fit tightly while remaining comfortable.

3.3. Cost

In general, lace converters for the boxing glove industry cost between $10- $20. It depends on the material and whether they’re versatile or just the Velcro straps. It’s a moderately-priced accessory, and certainly worth the tradeoff for the convenience they offer.

3.4. Design

Lace up gloves can come in many designs, and have extra padding, latex padding, and more. You want your straps to look clean and come in multiple colors to match them. Several American company brands offer fancy colors and flashy colors.

If you want lace converters that are sleek, particularly thick, have a logo on the front, and have a distinct pattern, you’ll want to consider the design. Some have a leather hook, a Cleto Reyes hook, and more.

4. Final Thoughts – the Best Lace Converters for Boxing Gloves

Lace converters for boxing gloves are an excellent alternative when training alone. Which converters you pick can vary depending on if you want the versatility to use a laces version or if you want to completely transform them by using Velcro. Your budget plays a role, but ensure that you prioritize quality over everything. 

Ultimately, you want to avoid lace converters that get loose after a few uses or that stop sticking with heavy usage. The best lace converters for boxing gloves are Lace N Loop straps because they give you the best of both worlds between the lace and the straps, are durable, and fit comfortably without scratching your wrists.

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